Gamestop exercise in modernisation

Gamestop Ireland look after the Desktop and Mobile sites for Ireland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and Austria.

I was brought onboard to Gamestop to help modernise these sites whilst also staying true to the laws and cultural differences that exist from region to region.

My first task was to do a heuristic evaluation of each and every site to identify areas that would benefit the company and its users and customers in the best possible way.

I approached it from 3 angles.

  • A functional perspective
  • A design perspective
  • A UX perspective

Identifying areas for change...

From a functional perspective I was looking at how the site performed for users. Were there bugs and blockers which prevented the user from completing the journey they set out to complete.

From a UX perspective, how easy was it for a user to find what they came to the site for. If they ran into issues, were there easily understood error messages explaining what it was they had done wrong. How easy was it for a user to correct the mistake they made. How were we helping prevent those mistakes being made. Where were the painpoints etc.

And from a design perspective, were our CTA's clear and obvious to users, could our use of font and typeface be improved. Were we following the use of colours, spacing and hierarchy as best practise or could that also be improved.

What changes would give most value...

One of the areas we identifed early in the process which would benefit from a revamp was our navigation.

I researched how our competitors had approached this and I also looked into how other eCommerce sites were presenting navigation. Business were also involved as they would have the final say. It was agreed that a fresh clean design which was easy to navigate and looked modern was required and this is what we came up with.

The feedback we received from our users when we went live with this was extremely positive..

Improving Experiences - Registration

Here you can see a comparison of how the old registration page looked and the changes we made to arrive at the new registration experience for users.

A cleaner design, whilst removing duplication of entry for email addresses and password. Removal of an unnecessary checkbox and other distractions.

The introduction of a large clear CTA registration button which would not become active until the user had filled out all fields correctly.

Improving Experiences - Login

Another area we agreed was very much in need of modernisation and simplification was the Login page.

I looked at a variety of different approaches to Login. We agreed on a set of criteria such as clean, fresh and uncomplicated. Unmissable large CTA buttons.

Centred form with room to breathe and removal of unnecesssary distractions whilst ensuring options such as "Forgot your Password" and "Remember Me" checkbox were clear and present and easily identifiable to our users.