Mark Stewart

UX Designer - QA - Photographer

Working with Revolverlife

I am currently working with Revolverlife as a UX Design Intern. Revolverlife are a startup based in Barcelona. We are developing a new platform aimed at Digital Nomads, Community managers and Charities and NGO's

The platform is called Nomade and we hope to bring it to market in the next couple of months.

Personal Projects

As part of my desire to continually upskill & put what I have learnt over the years into practise I have engaged in some personal projects.

I have designed & coded websites for friends and my own photography site and taken on projects for the sole reason of upskilling on different tools such as Figma and Axure.

My College Journey

After 20 years as a QA I decided to go back to college to learn a new discipline and upskill.

I enrolled with the UX Design Institute here in Dublin & completed all modules, projects & exams and became a qualified UX designer, which together with my QA experience, I believe gives me a perspective others may not have.